Year 11 Support and Information

Success is the detail!

Year 11 are gradually making the long journey to their GCSE results. Here is a breakdown of what the journey entails at each step!

Life is a game of inches poster Strood Academy Year 11

Coping with exam stress

With mock exam season just around the corner, we urge all parents and carers to familiarise themselves with the guide below on how to cope with exam stress and support your children in this

Coping with exam stress guide

Year 11 Letters and Announcements

Below, you can find all year 11 letters and announcements for this academic year.  Use the arrows to scroll through the posts ordered by date.

Year 11 Module 5 Subject Overview

Dear Parents/Carers, Please see attached the Module 5 Subject Overviews. The aim of this document [...]

GCSE Spanish

Dear Parents/Carers, We hope this letter finds you well. We would like to share some [...]

Year 11 Module 4 Overview

Dear Parents/Carers, We are writing to congratulate your child on completing their mock exams in [...]

Year 11 Prom 2024

Dear Parents/Carers Year 11 Prom As your child progresses through their final year at our [...]

Update to Uniform Policy

Dear Parents/Carers We’d like to express our appreciation for your continued support in ensuring students [...]

Easter Half Term Interventions

Dear Parents/Carers We hope this letter finds you well. Firstly we would like to thank [...]

Student Exam Timetables for Summer 2024

Dear Parents/Carers I hope this letter finds you well.  Student Exam Timetables Summer Exams All [...]

Feedback from Parent Survey

Dear Parents/Carers Thank you for taking the time to participate in the recent parent survey.  [...]

Structured Dismissal at Strood Academy

Dear Parents/Carers Following recent feedback received through our pupil survey, we are pleased to announce [...]

Year 11 Collapsed Classes letter

Dear Parents/Carers As part of our continued drive to support year 11 in achieving excellent [...]

Year 11 Eight Day Privilege Reward

Dear Parents/Carers, The Module 4 mock series has been extremely successful and we are very [...]

Interventions Module 4 and 5

Dear Parents/Carers This letter is to invite your child to after school interventions. Year 11 [...]

Year 11 Citizenship Intervention

Dear Parents/Carers Starting on Thursday 29th February, Citizenship intervention will take place from 3.20pm to [...]

Y11 February Half Term Revision Material

Dear Parents/Carers As your child enters the crucial Year 11, we at Strood Academy are [...]

Saturday Maths Interventions letter

Dear Parents/Carers This letter is to invite your child for GCSE Maths Skills Development sessions [...]

Year 11 Wednesday, Period 6 Provision

Dear Parents/Carers, After review of our Wednesday Period 6 (2pm-3pm) provision, we have decided to [...]

Summer Exams 2024 – JCQ Contingency Days

Dear Parents/Carers We will shortly be able  to share your child’s final summer exam timetable. [...]

Year 11 February Mock Examinations

Dear Parents/Carers I hope this letter finds you well.  The Year 11 final mock examination [...]

Feb Half Term Interventions Letter

Dear Parents/Carers We hope this letter finds you well. With the February half-term break fast [...]

Year 11 Citizenship Studies

Dear Parents/Carers, Please see the Module 3 update for Citizenship Studies. Please note the links [...]

Module 3 Subject Overviews

Dear Parents/Carers, Please see attached the Module 3 Subject Overviews. The aim of these documents [...]

Year 11 – 70 Day IB Challenge

Dear Parents/Carers Year 11 – 70 Day IB Challenge We have 125 days! and only [...]

Year 11 Parents’ Evening

Dear Parents/Carers, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for [...]

Year 11 Saturday Intervention (Media Studies)

Dear Parents/Carers, Yr11 Saturday Intervention (Media Studies) This Saturday 9th December, the Media Studies department [...]

Year 11 Attendance Letter

Dear Parents/Carers Year 11 attendance at Strood Academy continues to be a key priority.  The [...]

Reminder: Saturday Intervention Business letter

Dear Parents/Carers A reminder that Saturday Interventions offered by the Business Department continue this weekend [...]

Year 11 Focus Group Letter

Dear Parents/Carers Re: Year 11 Focus Group I am pleased to be writing to invite [...]

Saturday Business Intervention Sessions letter

Dear Parents/Carers This Module, the Business Department are pleased to offer additional coursework support provision [...]

Year 11 Results and Parents’ Evening – Thursday 7th December 2023

Dear Parents/Carers, I am writing to inform you about the upcoming face to face parents [...]

Year 11 Mock Exams After Half Term

Dear Parents/Carers, Your child will be sitting their mock history exams after the October half [...]

Intervention Sessions Cancellation Letter

Dear Parents/Carers This to inform you that there will be no option interventions taking place [...]

Year 11 Expectations Evening letter

Dear Parents/Carers  RE: Year 11 Expectations evening – Wednesday 13th September 2023 (17:00 – 18:00)  [...]

Easter Half Term Interventions Schedule

Year 11 and 13 Intervention Schedules

To view the intervention timetable as a PDF, click on the image above.

Revision Materials


Revision Resources

Any Instructions

3D Design

Complete outcomes for the designers within the exam booklet


  • AO1 to 4 Booklet

Please continue with your revision using the classroom and this booklet as a guide. Ensure you are practising your practice exam questions and mind map.

Fine Art

  • Exam Art Themes

Complete outcomes for the artists within the exam booklet


  • Exam Photography Themes

Complete outcomes for the photographers within the exam booklet

Combined Science

If you are not already signed up to the Seneca classroom use the following codes:

  • Higher: bq6kplncig
  • Foundation: 18s93nefq4

All revision topics have been assigned across all 3 disciplines for you to select your key areas to revise ahead of your mocks

Enterprise and Marketing

Complete the LAA Worksheet which further supports the work that we have been completing in lessons.  You also have a printed copy that has been issued to you in lessons.

The beebusinessbee video resources are also provided for you to watch.  Focus on the Learning Aim A 1, 2 and 3 Videos on Promotion, Segmentation and Factors Influencing Choice.

Computer Science

Craig n Dave videos follow the order of the specification.

Complete one paper 1 and one paper 2 papers from the attached website, using mark scheme to self-mark

Those who purchased the revision guides – please work through the guide and practise the questions for each topic.


Watch the attached videos and cover the revision guide – answering the questions at the end of each page / section. Complete the attached past paper and mark your paper using the attached mark scheme.

Media Studies

Attached is a Component 1 Revision booklet. You will be doing this paper for your mocks. Read the analysis of the set texts and make revision cards and then answer the questions. 

I have also attached some videos for you to watch and make revision cards on. 

Financial Studies

Analyse and read the case study prior to completing the exam paper.

Using the case study, complete the attached exam paper and mark using the attached mark scheme.


I contacted home recently regarding purchasing a revision guide and workbook. This would be really useful. I have ordered my own version of these and will be photocopying some pages of the workbook for you to take home if you cannot purchase one. 

A copy of the PLC for each of you is on the google classroom for you to update whilst you revise. Use this with the revision guide and workbook to update if your knowledge is not secure, emerging or secure on the PLC and then you will know which gaps in knowledge you need to fill. Use the exam papers also and the mark scheme to update the PLC and email me if you need any support in completing the gaps.

Have a good half term!

Mrs West

English Literature

  1. Read through the thematic revision and make notes for each theme in the table. 
  2. Challenge yourself: Add quotations to support your understanding of each theme.
  3. Choose an exam question for ‘Macbeth’ and one for ‘A Christmas Carol’ and plan a response for each.

English Language

Use the resources to revise over Language paper 2 Q5 which is 50% of the marks available for this paper:

Recap the skills you need to be successful through the tasks and explore the genre of articles and create a success criteria to show you understand how to succeed in this question!

Health & Social Care

Using research, complete the table to explore examples of healthcare and social care settings. The NHS website will be a useful resource for this task!


Read through all of the sections and complete all the tasks on pages 36,37 and 38. Once completed, respond to the following exam question. 

You are designing a set for the start of Act Two in ‘Blood Brothers’ The set must reflect a working-class community in the 1980’s. Describe your design ideas for the setting. (4 Marks)

Create a character revision sheet for each of the characters in Blood Brothers. Use the link to BBC bitesize, and your copies of the play to help you.


The two links are for knowledge organisers for papers 2 and 3. All that you need to know are in these.

Please read through and in particular link to our visit to Reculver and Herne Bay. The fieldwork element. What did we set out to prove/discuss? How did our findings help? Lastly (in a perfect world) what would we do to improve our findings, both before and during the visit.

Health & Fitness

Give yourself an allocated amount of time to read through the knowledge organiser. Cover the knowledge organiser and on a separate piece of paper write down all you can about that topic. 

Add any content you did not include or remember in a different colour so that this focuses your revision.


  1. Complete all topic entries of the 3 GCSE themes. Ensure they are all with CORNTARTS and TOYS R KEYS.
  2. Check that you have used varied vocabulary from the AQA specification booklet.
  3. Learn those entries by heart – you can make flashcards, remove every other words from each sentence, write each tense in a different colour, do a mind map for each topic, etc
  4. Finally review all knowledge with varied tasks on Language Gym and Languagenut, focus in particular on skills or vocabulary that you are yet to fully master.
  5. Complete all review and practise tasks in your AQA Collins revision guides. These are labelled green and blue in the content pages.


  1. Use the revision questions to create revision cards
  2. Make sure you are up to date on the ‘100 days of Revision’
  3. Complete the exam questions and use revision material to support with structure and content
  4. Swap between the topics


Module 3 Interventions Schedule

Monday Interventions

Maths Intervention

AMA – 313
DTO – 314
SNI – 312
NOL – 311
MPR – 300

Tuesday Interventions

English Intervention

AWE – 162
HDE – 152
PPO/ KHO – 149

History Intervention

CBE – 231
BLE – 239

Tuesday Interventions

Spanish Intervention

GAH – 244
ELI – 245a

Geography Intervention

CGE – 241
BBA – 228
DCS – 229

ICT Intervention

JPE – 210
MCO – 212

Media Intervention

KWO/ EGD – 248

Finance Intervention

RSA – 211

Business Intervention

AAT – 205

Art Intervention

MBL – 225

Photography Intervention

HJA – 135

PE Intervention

TEV – 132

Food Tech Intervention

RCR – 216

Citizenship Intervention

DCO – 236a

3D Design Intervention

CST – 144

Monday Interventions

Science Intervention

GKI/ NRE – 329
NWY/ MPI – 330
NKI – 333

Year 11 Intervention Schedule

Ofqual Student Guide

Ofqual Student Guide 2024 Ofqual Student Checklist 2024

Mentoring at Strood Academy

The ARROW Model Presentation

To enhance the experience of our cohort and support their moments of Chance and Choice, Year 11 pupils are inspired to recognise their own strengths and seek out opportunities for growth through their own, personal self management strategies.  

In Year 11, pupils are encouraged to employ Self-Reflection as a decision making tool that promotes self confidence, accelerating success through an empowered lens of chance and choice. To promote the creation of a self confident and reflective cohort of pupils, the ARROW Self-Reflection Model (linked above) has been shared. This model has a set of step by step questions that facilitate the visualisation and realisation of personal goals and targets. Pupils are encouraged to use the ARROW Model as a self management strategy throughout the remainder of the school year.  

Further to this, Year 11 pupils across Victory, Hercules and Trafalgar have been targeted to receive a more personalised mentoring program. This provides a combination of ‘1 to 1’ and ‘group’ sessions with an experienced member of the College Team including Vice Principals, Assistant Principals and Pastoral Leaders. These mentoring sessions provide assistance in the completion of weekly goals designed to fully prepare pupils for the final examination series. 

In addition to the above, a targeted set of pupils have been selected to receive support from an external agency. The MyTutor program is an academic tutoring company. The MyTutor team will be deployed to enhance recall of year 10 content in order to push pupils to achieve their own objectives. 

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Ian Wallis (