Parent Voice Feedback

Module 5 Feedback 2023-24

What you said…

What we did…

When I last checked, the uniform policy didn’t match the uniform page on the website.

Uniform on the website not the same as the school policy – branded not needed but the website shows this.

Uniform website has been updated:

The app where you speak Spanish to the Chromebook cannot pick up the speaker and then marks it as incorrect – very difficult when you have two students working in the same room.

The MFL team is aware of this and is working with pupils that experience this issue. Students are reminded that we have homework clinics and clubs for them to attend should they require any support.

As a parent of someone that does not have much drive, I want to know if there are any tips for parents to be able to support them. For example, practising languages. Students could have tasks they can do with a parent/family member.

Module reviews are provided to support parents to better understand the content delivered in lessons and to provide suggestions for resources which will support students’ learning. Additionally, all resources used in lessons are placed on Google Classroom which students have ongoing access to.

People keep throwing stuff over the balcony at us when we eat lunch. ( 2nd floor Victory)

Staff circulating the 2nd and 3rd floor will monitor this closely. Pupils who are on the 2nd and 3rd floor should only be pupils transitioning to clubs at lunchtime.

Mrs Graham is not posting lessons. She gives out warnings for putting hands up and keeps class behind

All staff have been reminded of our expectations regarding the behaviour policy. Heads of department have also been required to check Google Classroom to ensure lessons are posted.

The ability to do homework after the deadline without having to expose the child to stress by calling them off the line during morning line-up.

We have published our homework timetables on the school website and ensure assignments are set with clear deadlines on Google Classroom so that all students know when homework is due. If there are extenuating circumstances, we ask that the student approaches their subject teacher in the first instance before the lesson.

Right and fair praise.

We have added a new reward point on Bromcom which will be live from Monday, where staff can reward students for ‘consistently meeting expectations’. These reward points will be given to those students who constantly listen to instructions, complete consistently excellent work and have good uniform etc. I look forward to seeing the positive impact of this new reward.

I think it is a good idea to provide updates in the bulletin on some of the problems that are still being addressed even if it might not feel it shows the school in a positive light. It would help parents understand how much work is going on in the background, manage their expectations (to a degree), make the decision they don’t want more palatable, it does happen to promote trust, etc.

This is a really helpful comment and we can factor this in our bulletins in the future. We will liaise with college teams to discuss areas/behaviours which we are currently working through behind the scenes and write up what is being done in the background to combat this, including the reasoning behind this, in order to give parents and carers a greater insight into what we are doing to support our students.

The last couple of times I have emailed in I have had responses very quickly. Thank you!

No Action Required

Love the ‘skip the lunch queue’ rewards! That was awarded to my son.

No Action Required

Increases support for young carers. Eg, creating a young carers support group, nominated staff leads, increased links with carers first. (They have a school support pack on their website). Young carers have life experiences that can make them feel isolated from their peers, plus they are more likely to suffer from issues.

An increased focus placed on YC in moving forward, bespoke interventions have been created either 1-2-1 or small group work with our pastoral intervention team.  More bespoke signposting is being created and updated in preparation for the new academic year-easily accessible in college bases, toilets, SG notice boards.

Just a simple thank you for your extra work.

No Action Required

Tables please in the social study area for when we eat lunch as there are 40 seats with tables in the silent study area but there are over 100 students and we are expected to eat in the social study area but no tables?

The 6th form area is going to be refurbished this summer, so hopefully we will have a better space for everyone.

Vaping in toilets.

Staff are assigned duties points and all toilets are monitored. 

Year 8 Parents Eve – new set up was great but doors weren’t opened on time and then we missed the first appointment. One teacher wasn’t at their table which had a knock on effect.

Parents Eve – some sort of post-its with time slots on to avoid parents getting umpy!

Doors will be opened 15 minutes before the first appointment in the future to allow for the sign in process. 

We have developed a timing system that gives a break between each section and staff CPD is in place to support the smoother running of appointments, ensuring that appointment timings are adhered to.