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Module 3 Feedback 2023-24

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What we did…

Firewall/Safety – 6th formers unable to access so many websites. We understand and agree with the reasons but this really prevents my daughter from progressing with her work. Could an alternative option be explored? Possibly a monitored stand alone laptop that is usable.

IT have previously been contacted regarding this, but unfortunately they cannot make any changes to the smoothwall.

Lockers – Is there any progress on lockers please? It’s been quite a few months.

This is still a priority for us in the background but is taking longer than anticipated. We hope to be able to offer further information in due course.

6th form – We are aware changes are coming but there are still no tables.

There are enough desks across the spaces available to the 6th form:

  • Study area
  • Restaurant
  • Tables in Hercules
  • Tables in Trafalgar

The spaces in the study area and Trafalgar are quiet if students want to work in a particularly quiet environment.

D of E Certificates

Mr Goddard is waiting on a few students to complete all evidence (mostly assessor reports) in order to award certificates. If a student believes they have completed all evidence, they should speak to Mr Goddard who can direct them accordingly.

Consistency of homework from class to class. Can one person set it per week for the whole year group as they learn the same topics in each class.

We are tightening our quality assurance of homework to ensure consistency across the departments. Middle leaders will be asked to plan this with their departments to ensure a more common approach. However, we have now added the subject to messages home regarding homework to ensure parents and pupils understand what work is missing.

SEN – I found SENDIAS MEDWAY very helpful. Maybe Ms Carter could signpost parents with children with SEN.

This is a great idea. The SEN team will contact SENDIAS and ask for some of their leaflets in which we can hand out to parents.

Very grateful that you provide chromebooks and I see the need but I also see that the learning for children this way is very different – there are studies out there which say that IT does not help with giving children educational basics. It makes it more difficult to learn proper spelling, writing, etc.

I completely agree. There are multiple reports and articles that contradict one another. 

We fervently believe: ‘Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that makes our hearts sing.’  Steve Jobs

Please review our policy. Chromebooks are not used in every lesson for every piece of work. Exercise books, reading materials, physical props and various strategies.

Digital Learning Strategy

All feedback  is welcomed, and I would ask if there are specific lessons or concerns, to get in touch as soon as possible so we can discuss this and improve our practice. 

My son was put in Spanish, but he would prefer to study French. How can he change topics?

Students were given a choice in the summer during transition. This then allowed staff to allocate groups and plan their curriculum accordingly. 

As an IB and Ebacc school we ensure that all pupils complete a foreign language from year 7 through to their year 11 examinations. 

Therefore we would need to consider every change on an individual basis. Any changes within MFL will need to be discussed with our Head of MFL, Mrs Ahern. Please email Mrs Ahern directly and she will be able to assist you further.

Please advise which parts of the PSHE curriculum are mandatory and can we opt out of any of the topics?

The Department for Education advises:

Parents have a right to request to withdraw their child from sex education delivered as part of RSE in secondary schools which, unless there are exceptional circumstances, should be granted up to three terms before their child turns 16. At this point, if the child themselves wishes to receive sex education rather than be withdrawn, the school should make arrangements for this to happen in one of the three terms before the child turns 16 – the legal age of sexual consent.

Chromebook backlog – we will wait for this to come in.

New starters have been prioritised and with the appointment of a chromebook operations lead, all pupils have access to a chromebook. This may not include having one to take home, but all new starters are prioritised.

Is there a way that the parent pay app can allow our children to have meals on credit so the money can be debited when we load money for them late.

No at this time this isn’t a possibility. Pupils are unable to gain credit on the app at this stage.

ParentPay - How to Pay

In form time please could a chat be had with all the children about being kind and using kind words as mean words/comments can be flippant from the person saying them but stick with the child receiving them.

Being ‘Caring’ ‘Open minded’ and ‘Principled’ are all characteristics we promote as part of the IB Learner Profile. We regularly remind students of the need to demonstrate these in form time and assemblies and have large pastoral teams to support students if they feel as though their peers are not adhering to this.

Our Personal Development lessons also focus heavily on ‘Relationships’ which includes engaging in positive relationships with peers.

Communications have greatly improved over the last few months. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all very positive.

Support from the pastoral teams is patchy. It can be difficult to get someone from the pastoral team to help our highly anxious daughter into the building before school, mid morning or at lunchtime. This has meant we’ve had to wait up to an hour or more to see someone. There are often different members of the staff each time meaning it’s difficult  to build rapport which will make her feel safer coming in. 

We have dedicated Pastoral emails per college, email concerns directly to the college or contact the safeguarding team directly as we have a safeguarding officer attached to each college

Use parent drop-ins sessions and SLT can organise a member of staff to support.