Student Council

We are the Academy Student Council (ASC), there are 2 representatives from each year group on the ASC.

What we do

The ASC meets once per term and is led by the senior students in the 6th form. Every year group has an opportunity to voice their concerns, their ideas and their opinions and these are fed back to the Senior Leadership Team who have always responded to them. In fact, representatives from the ASC have been invited to attend Senior Leadership meetings to discuss the issues raised by the students.

Why we are on the ASC

We have all volunteered to be on the ASC because we think that it is important for students to voice their opinions and we know that our views get listened to by the school leadership.

What we have achieved

We have influenced how school funds have been spent, for example purchasing extra laptops for the 6th form, decided on the seating in the dining areas and given our views on the “rights and responsibilities” posters which are displayed throughout the Academy.


Remember, the ASC is run by the students, for the students and we look forward to making an even bigger impact next year, led by our Senior Students. So if you’ve got something you want to suggest or talk about, let your ASC rep know.

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