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At Strood Academy we are relentless in our mission to ensure that all pupils receive an excellent education that leads to real choice in life. We are committed to our pupils, supporting them to flourish as individuals ready for the 21st century. We offer our pupils a commitment to excellence based on high-quality teaching and a wide range of experiences beyond the classroom.

Our collective mission through our small school model ensures our pupils receive a world class IB education which allows them to become highly ambitious, successful citizens who are well positioned to create a better world. We set unapologetically high expectations, challenging our pupils to believe in their ability and have the choice in life they truly deserve. We ensure our pupils are at the forefront of tomorrow.

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Strood Academy – Vision 2028

Please click the link below to read the Vision 2028 document.

Vision 2028

Be Inquisitive | Be Respectful | Be Resilient | Be Kind

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