What routes/pathways can I follow in Sixth form at Strood Academy?

There are 4 routes/pathways you can pick from:

  • Academic – you can pick 3 A Level subjects
  • Mixed – you can pick 3 subjects from any block (A Level/BTEC/IB)
  • IB Career Programme – you pick 4 subjects (2 BTEC subjects & 2 IB subjects)
  • Vocational with work placement – you can pick 2 BTEC subjects and have a work placement (they have to be the same subject so you pick the SINGLE & DOUBLE)

possible routes at Strood academy

How do I know what subjects I am allowed to choose?

There are four blocks. Each subject you choose has to be in a different block. If you think back to your option choices, there was a similar system. If you have any concerns, questions or queries there is always someone to help.

How do I apply to study at Strood Academy 6th Form?

This is very straightforward. Just follow the link below and it will take you directly to the application form. 


Alternatively, to see what courses are available, what the ethos and expectation of our 6th form are,  please visit our Strood Academy website and from the MENU, select Sixth Form from the drop down list. 

What courses do you do at Strood Academy?

We are delighted to say that we offer a range of different courses at Strood for 6th form and that we offer flexibility in blending a range of qualifications together. 

At Strood Academy we offer A Level, BTEC and International Baccalaureate Careers related courses. 

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