Library – Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Here at Strood Academy, we are proud to have a library and learning resource centre equipped with the best resources to enable our students to better themselves in both their learning and in their own personal lives. 

Currently in our LRC, we stock over 7500 physical and 6000 digital resources covering all manner of subjects and genres, with an aim to always encourage students to challenge themselves to find their next favourite book. We also host a wide array of non-fiction titles, paying particular attention to linking in to their subject specific learning, to enable all our students to build their own base of knowledge outside of lessons as well as in. 

Magazines and Modern Foreign Language texts are not forgotten either as we subscribe to many requested by the students (Horrible Histories, National Geographic, etc.) and have an ever-growing stock of physical texts written in French and Spanish to challenge our students to apply their language learning in a practical way for enjoyment. 

Photo of the Library area at Strood Academy.

View of our Learning Resource Centre

Some of our students’ current favourites

Our computer suite, Kindles and healthy supply of laptops and Chromebooks (all bookable by students) help to round off our collection, enabling students to carry out effective online research, complete AR quizzes and access our brand new online library myON from within school as well as at home. MyON bolsters our collection further, adding thousands of texts all available with enhanced audio read-along and annotation capabilities, to further enable our students to improve their reading no matter where they are.

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader Programme, or AR for short, is another way we aim to improve literacy amongst our students here at Strood Academy. The programme begins with STAR testing in Year 7 where students go through some basic tests to establish their current reading ability and ends with the test generating their own reading score.

Students then have the choice to match this score to the books in our library, as well as our online library myON, to ensure that they are reading at the correct level in order to enjoy what they are reading and to challenge themselves to improve going forwards.

If you would like to know more about the Accelerated Reader Programme, then further information can be found in this guide for parents and guardians.

Students select their favourite AR books for display

Students select their favourite AR books for display

myON – Online Reading Library

What is myON?

myON is our new, online digital library that will allow our students to access thousands of books, graphic novels and news articles from home and at school. All of these resources come equipped with audio read-along, annotation capabilities and the opportunity for many to be translated and read in Spanish or French.

To help you get started with this amazing resource, please use the guide found here.

Any other questions. . .

If you do have any other questions, queries or, would even like to suggest a book you feel we should have in the library then please do feel free to contact our Learning Resource Coordinator at