Enrichment options

include but are not limited to…

  • Mindfulness
  • Debate Club
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • ROAR – Female Empowerment Programme
  • Coaching  – Personal Development
  • Work Experience

Citizen Service

At Strood Academy  we believe in our students giving back to the local community. Students have the opportunity  to dedicate one study period per week volunteering within the wider school community. Opportunities include mentoring, support in lessons,  peer tutoring, reading buddies and supporting whole school events such as open evenings and sporting events.

We believe helping pupils to enquire, speak and communicate with confidence throughout the school, especially in the sixth form. 


We are committed to empowering students to lead and to take on responsibility. Our sixth formers are in many ways the leaders of the student community, and set an example for the rest of our students to follow. A number of our sixth formers get involved in self-ran activities, displaying leadership skills by organising their own groups and campaigns.

We expect our learners to be active participants in their own right. We have several opportunities for you to voice your opinions and to make a difference. Sixth Form students are encouraged to apply for positions in the Senior Student  Leadership Team and the Student Council;  roles that involve engagement with students  across the academy. Student leadership at  Strood Academy is key to  enabling young people to realise their potential  whilst building on necessary skills, confidence  and motivation to allow students to engage  directly in the wider improvement of the school.  Appointed members are trained in public  speaking and leadership skills to ensure they  can articulate their point of view with great  competency; enabling them to be effective  in what they set out to achieve.  

Throughout the academic year we encourage  Sixth Form students to lead assemblies both  in Sixth Form and the Year 7 – 11. Sixth Form students are encouraged to  take part in the peer mentoring scheme, 1:1 Maths support for Year 11 students and reading support for Year 7 students. A large number of students act  as ambassadors at various public events. 

Careers and Work Experience

At Strood Academy we prioritise the  future of our young people. Students are supported to  make successful transitions when they leave the academy  whether into apprenticeships, employment or university.  

We have a robust Future careers programme that  includes trips to UCAS and Apprenticeship fairs, UCAS  support from local Universities, CCCU, Greenwich University.  Apprenticeship fair, key speaker assemblies, Career fairs and UniFrog support and guidance and much more. 

Students complete a work placement to allow them to gain experience of their chosen career to develop key skills allowing them a better understanding of the work placement and the skills required.