Year 11 Mock Exams After Half Term

Three students talking and smiling while walking towards the camera.

Dear Parents/Carers,

Your child will be sitting their mock history exams after the October half term. The mock exams will consist of three papers. Here is an overview of what your child should expect:

Paper 1 (2 hours) will encompass the subjects Germany: Democracy and Dictatorship and Health and the People. To perform exceptionally well in this paper, we strongly advise students to concentrate their revision efforts on the following core areas:

For the “Germany: Democracy and Dictatorship” section:

  • The rise of Hitler to power
  • Life under Nazi rule
  • Germany’s reconstruction under Gustav Stresemann

For the Health and the People section:

  • Treatments and surgical procedures through time
  • Key individuals in the field
  • Don’t forget to complete the 16-mark question assigned as homework for this section.

Paper 2 (1 hour) will take place in the classroom and will focus on the Conflict and Tension; The Interwar Years unit. To succeed in this examination, students should dedicate time to revise the following critical topics:

  • The League of Nations
  • Border crises
  • The Treaty of Versailles

We appreciate your ongoing support and involvement in your child’s education. Your role in encouraging them to revise effectively, practise past papers, and seek help when needed is crucial to their success.

Yours faithfully,

Miss C Bell
Head of History