Year 11 – 70 Day IB Challenge

Dear Parents/Carers

Year 11 – 70 Day IB Challenge

We have 125 days! and only 75 school days until the year 11’s start their summer exam series. To help increase the motivation and engagement of all our year 11 students we have implemented a number of different strategies to support excellent outcomes for all. The strategies listed below have all been planned with the aim to support all year 11s.

Please see a short description of each strategy for your reference: 

IB Challenge Card – ‘Perfect week’

Students are encouraged to complete the ‘Perfect week’. Each week pupils have 3 targets to meet; Attend 3 intervention sessions, have 100% attendance and finally have positive net conduct points. If pupils meet these they will receive a contribution toward their prom ticket. 

Excellence in Lesson Cards

As the leadership team monitors the quality of teaching and completes lesson checks on year 11 they are asked to deliver ‘Excellence cards’ to pupils that are highlighted as working above and beyond in lessons. When a pupil receives 5 of these cards they can exchange these for a £5 amazon voucher. 

Period 1 and 5 intervention

We have targeted pupils and increased the amount of Maths, English and Science intervention pupils will receive each week. This intervention will ensure that pupils receive an additional 4 hours of targeted intervention a week.

PE Intervention

Subjects have given up additional time to take pupils from core PE lessons to help pupils receive support in a range of subjects. 

Year 11 Morning Line up 

Morning line ups will now be held in the sports hall for all year 11. This will now allow for all key messages to be delivered to year 11 including intervention registers, daily awards, attendance and all notices. 

Hot Chocolate Fridays

Each Monday the attendance and conduct for the previous week will be reviewed for each tutor group. The leading tutor groups that Friday will receive a hot chocolate in their form time. 

Finally we have developed 3 bespoke pathways for year 11 support that target pupils’ individual needs. The interventions in place will focus on revision techniques, careers and well-being. 

The above interventions are all additional to the already successful lunch and after school intervention programme. Click here for more year 11 information and to see all year 11 module  3 schedules and sign up to more.

Many thanks to all for your ongoing support. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Yours faithfully

Mr S. Fatania | Assistant Principal