Year 7 Reading Test letter

Students select their favourite AR books for display

Dear Parents/Carers 

Re: Reading Test 

Please be advised that the school will be conducting standardised reading tests for all Year 7 students this term. The testing period will begin on the 18th of September for one week. The NGRT (New Group Reading Tests) are used to determine your child’s reading age, in order to identify any areas where support may be required. 

The tests will take place during one of your child’s English lessons, using the GL Assessment software. Please ensure that your child comes to school each day with a fully functioning, charged Chromebook. A school headset will be provided. 

There is no revision or preparation required for this test. Nonetheless, we encourage you to support your son / daughter with reading outside of school to further their development and foster a love of reading for pleasure. 

Yours faithfully 

Mrs K Hoare | Literacy Lead