Year 13 Criminology Letter

Dear Parents/Carers

The Year 13 Criminology students are completing their second sitting of their controlled assessment for Unit 1: Changing Awareness of Crime. This unit is assessed by completing a range of tasks over an 8 hour period which will be undertaken on Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th December 2023. Originally, as per our previous letter,  we had planned to hold the controlled assessment at the end of November however, to provide further support we decided to move it to the dates above. It is essential that the students are fully prepared for this controlled assessment and that they have detailed class notes to support them. 

In order to further support the students they have had intervention sessions over the past two modules to create said notes and also undertake a mock version of the controlled assessment so they are fully prepared for the actual sitting.

I would be most grateful if you could remind them of the importance of this controlled assessment as it forms 25% of the final grade. Also it is a mandatory unit so they do need to pass the unit if they are to achieve the full qualification

I appreciate how important this upcoming academic year is for the students in order to progress onto their next destination and so I hope we can work together and maintain regular communication in order to ensure they achieve a final grade in May 2024 they are proud of.

Yours faithfully

Mr J Newman | Social Sciences Coordinator