Year 10 Progress Reports M3

Dear Parents/Carers

Today a report on your child’s progress for this academic year has been uploaded to MCAS. The report includes a current grade based upon all assessments completed to date, a forecast (predicted) grade which indicates the grade currently most likely to be achieved in the summer of Year 10 and an Attitude to Learning grade. In addition, the attendance figure for your child is provided as we recognise the impact that excellent levels of attendance has upon raising achievement, with even slight increases in attendance levels having a dramatic impact upon final outcomes.

GCSE grades are awarded from a range of 1-9 with 9 being the highest grade achieved. Vocational subjects are awarded either as a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction* Level 1 or Level 2.

Year 10 is a crucial year to lay the foundations for successful outcomes at the end of Year 11. Our staff work extremely hard to ensure that Year 10 students possess the knowledge and skills required to be successful and our students have responded to this challenge with great determination. We strongly encourage you to discuss your child’s progress with them by exploring their google classroom and assisting with revision. It is imperative that all Year 10 students continuously review their learning across all subjects as we know that student outcomes are greatly improved through self-testing and exam style practice; your support with this is greatly appreciated.

I would like to congratulate Year 10 on their excellent start to the academic year and we look forward to working with both your child and you to ensure this progress is maintained as build towards the mock exams later this academic year.

If you have any queries regarding this report, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant college team at:

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Mr C. Pleasant | Vice Principal