Y10 Subject Review Letter

Dear Parents/Carers

I would like to start by thanking you all for your attendance at the year 10 parents evening last week. We have taken the feedback from the evening and reviewed how we can improve the experience that you receive when you attend the academy. 

As your child embarks on their exciting journey through Year 10, I’m writing to share some exciting resources designed to support their academic success while also offering ways you, as parents and carers, can play a crucial role in their learning journey.

We’ve developed comprehensive Year 10 Subject Overviews, detailing the learning focus for each module throughout the year. These overviews provide a clear understanding of:

  • Learning Focus: Gain a snapshot of what your child will be learning in each subject, allowing you to engage in insightful conversations about their studies.
  • Supporting resources: Access a wealth of helpful materials, including online resources, recommended reading lists, and activities you can do together to reinforce classroom learning.

But your role in your child’s academic journey extends far beyond access to resources. Studies consistently show that parental engagement has a profound positive impact on student outcomes. Here are just a few ways you can make a significant difference:

  • Express genuine interest in your child’s learning: Ask questions about their day at school, what they’re currently studying, and what they find challenging or exciting.
  • Create a supportive learning environment: Provide a quiet and dedicated space for studying, free from distractions, and encourage consistent homework completion.
  • Discuss their goals and aspirations: Help them set realistic and achievable goals for each subject, celebrate their successes, and offer encouragement during setbacks.
  • Connect with teachers: Attend parent-teacher evenings, communicate regularly with teachers about your child’s progress, and seek clarification on any areas where they need additional support.
  • Utilise the Year 10 Subject Overviews: Discussing the key topics and themes with your child can spark meaningful conversations, deepen their understanding, and identify areas where you can offer specific support.

Remember, you are your child’s most important advocate. By working together, school and home can create a powerful learning environment that fosters your child’s academic success and personal growth. If you have any questions about the Year 10 Subject Overviews or how you can further engage in your child’s learning, please don’t hesitate to contact the Curriculum leaders or your child’s individual teachers.

We look forward to working with you on this exciting journey!

Yours faithfully

Mr S Fatania | Assistant Principal