Work Experience Choices

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you very much for your ongoing support with the work experience process. I appreciate your patience and understanding whilst the self placements are being finalised; this can sometimes be a slow process with employers and the team at MEBP communicating back and forth to establish all the necessary safeguarding and health and safety documentation is in place. 

Confirmation of placements & selecting choices

Today, I have shared student pin codes with form tutors and these will be shared with students throughout the week to allow them access to the MEBP work experience platform. On this, students will be able to check the status of their self placement or select a placement from the opportunities provided by MEBP.

Some students may find their self placement is ‘pending’ which means the necessary checks are still ongoing but confirmation of the placement should be provided very soon. Others may see their self placement has been ‘rejected’ as the required safety documentation could not be guaranteed by the employer. In this instance, students should choose a placement option provided by MEBP.

When making choices, students must select a total of 4 options and must rank them in order of preference (1 being the priority). They will then submit them and await confirmation (by the 19th April) of the placement they have been allocated. If there are any difficulties with navigating the platform and/or making choices, there is a tab available on the login home page named ‘Work Experience Literature’ which provides a helpful guide on how to make choices successfully.

Instructions for accessing the platform:

Go to

  • At the welcome page click on student
  • Click on Click here to enter school name
  • Select your school from the drop-down menu then click on Submit
  • Type your name (surnames may need to be capitalised) 
  • Type your personal code number (provided by the form tutor) and then click on Login
  • Then go to search on the top blue menu to make your selections

The deadline for making the 4 choices is the 12th April; any submissions not completed by this date will result in students being allocated any places remaining from the MEBP selection.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the college email addresses:

Thank you once again for your support with this as we enter the final stages of the placement process. 

Yours faithfully

Mr C Pleasant | Vice Principal