KS5 Criminology CA Fresh Attempt Letter

Strood Academy building

Dear Parents/Carers

As you are aware, our Year 13 students have sat a second attempt of their Unit 1 controlled assessment. Unfortunately the grade that they have achieved in this sitting does not meet the required standard so they will be taking a fresh attempt of the unit on 3 dates after the February break, probably sometime in March dependent on student progress (dates to be confirmed). 

To assist them with their fresh attempt there will be mandatory intervention sessions P6 on Thursdays. In these sessions they will be creating a new set of notes for them to use in the controlled assessment.

Please note that this will be their final opportunity to pass the Unit 1 controlled assessment which makes up 25% of their final grade and is a mandatory unit to achieve the qualification.

I appreciate how important this qualification is for your child in order to progress onto their next destination and so I hope we can work together and maintain regular communication in order to ensure they achieve a final grade in May 2024 they are proud of. Your help in this matter is appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Mr J Newman | Social Sciences Coordinator