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GCSE Spanish

Dear Parents/Carers, We hope this letter finds you well. We would like to share some [...]

Reminder of PE Kit Expectations

Dear Parents/Carers, The PE department has noticed an increased number of students attending their PE [...]

Year 11 Module 4 Overview

Dear Parents/Carers, We are writing to congratulate your child on completing their mock exams in [...]

Weekly Bulletin – Module 4, Week 6

We have reached the Easter Holidays! Throughout this final week of the module, we have [...]

Year 10 Enterprise Intervention: Component 2 Coursework Support

Dear Parents/Carers, In view of the Component 2 Coursework deadline shortly after the Easter break, [...]

Weekly Bulletin – Module 4, Week 5

This week, we have continued the momentum here at Strood Academy with a range of [...]

Year 9 Options

Dear Parents/Carers, Today is the final day for our Year 9 students, with your support, [...]

Weekly Bulletin – Module 4, Week 4

This week, we saw a range of successes at Strood Academy, including Year 11’s 8 [...]

Importance of a Clean Learning Environment

Dear Parents/Carers, We’re writing to address an increasing issue: chewing gum within the school building [...]

Year 11 Eight Day Privilege Reward

Dear Parents/Carers, The Module 4 mock series has been extremely successful and we are very [...]