Importance of a Clean Learning Environment

Dear Parents/Carers,

We’re writing to address an increasing issue: chewing gum within the school building and grounds. As outlined in our student code of conduct, chewing gum is not permitted. Unfortunately, some students are disregarding this rule, leading to negative consequences.

Discarded chewing gum damages carpets, floors, furniture, and even student uniforms. Removing it is not only unsightly and unhygienic, but also adds unnecessary expense for the school.

To encourage a clean and respectful learning environment, we’re adjusting our chewing gum policy. Students caught with gum will face a full-day detention in the Internal Exclusion Room (IER) followed by a one-hour detention. Additionally, classroom discussions will be held to highlight the negative impact chewing gum has on our school:

  • Damage to Property: Chewing gum can be expensive to remove and damages school furniture and equipment.
  • Workload on Staff: Our site team spends significant time removing discarded gum, taking away from their other cleaning duties.
  • Learning Environment: A clean and well-maintained school fosters a positive learning atmosphere for all students.

These discussions will encourage students to understand the importance of respecting their learning environment and the work of our staff.

Thank you for your continued support in promoting a positive and responsible learning environment for all students.

Yours faithfully,

Miss J Lindsay
Vice Principal