Strood Academy Admissions September 2024 – Applicable to current Year 5 students

Photo of the outside of the front of the Strood Academy building.

Dear Parents/Carers,

Strood Academy operates a Fair Banding system where all students who wish to apply to come to the Academy will be required to take a test. I am writing to inform you that this is the case, even if they have siblings at the Academy already. All the information regarding the test will be found on the Academy website and also on Medway Council’s website under Schools and Education.

This is not a pass/fail test, but a method to support admissions to ensure an equal spread of ability across all the Medway students. Please note we will not use this to set children when they join Year 7. The assessment used is a GL Assessment Cognitive Ability test.

The test dates for current Year 5 students are Saturday 16 September or Saturday 14 October 2023. A registration form must be completed in order to register for the test. Please see the following link:

Click here to complete the registration form

Kind Regards,

Mr J Richardson