PSHE/ RSHE Module 2 Letter

Dear Parents/Carers

Further to our commitment of safeguarding all students at Strood Academy, I would like to inform you of the topics being studied in Personal Development this term. The aim of Personal Development is to help young people develop their character, including mental wellbeing, sense of purpose, independence and enable them to be prepared for life in the modern world.

Personal Development lessons, held during Period 5 every Wednesday, follow the recommended PSHE/RSHE curriculum advised by the PSHE Association.  The curriculum is divided into three strands across all Key Stages as follows:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in The Wider World

Throughout Module 2, each year group will follow a different scheme of work, which is developmentally appropriate for their lifestage. 

  • Year 7: Health and lifestyle choices including information on the dangers of smoking and alcohol
  • Year 8: Healthy relationships and friendships
  • Year 9: Healthy relationships and consent
  • Year 10: Staying safe, including online safety
  • Year 11: Staying safe, online and offline
  • Year 12: The importance of managing health, including physical health and sexual health
  • Year 13: Preparing to be independent in the wider world

Our Academy’s RSHE policy is published on our website and this policy provides a comprehensive list of all topics studied across your child’s time at the academy.

Feedback is a gift and at the Academy, we are always working to improve our personal development provision through feedback from all stakeholders.  Please take some time to complete this survey regarding our RSHE curriculum.

RSHE Parent Survey


Yours faithfully
Miss D Cooper