MYP Reporting Error

Dear Parents/Carers

We have been made aware of some errors on a minority of reports issued last week. The average MYP grade reported to you accounts for an average of 4 scores across 4 criteria (A,B,C&D) in each subject. However, our reporting system failed to recognise that some students have only been assessed on 1 of the 4 criteria in a minority of subjects. As a result, a small number of average grades have been awarded which are lower than the assessment outcomes students have achieved.

An updated report which includes a breakdown of all 4 criteria for each subject as well as the average grade will be issued at the end of this week. 

For further clarification on MYP criteria and reporting, please see our website: 

Apologies for the confusion and thank you for your understanding whilst we rectify this issue.

Yours faithfully

Mr C. Pleasant | Vice Principal