Geography Tutoring Sessions

Two Sixth Form students writing in a classroom

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have an excellent opportunity for pupils to receive free tutoring from 2pm-3pm every Wednesday for the remainder of Module 3. If you are receiving this email/letter, your child has been selected to take part in this tutoring session. This is being fully funded by Strood Academy and your child has been selected as they have been identified as a pupil who has the capacity to achieve a high grade in Geography.

If there are any barriers or issues in attending during this time, please can you let us know and contact We have pupils on the waiting list. Pupils will be told about this extra tuition for module 3 in their morning line ups and through form tutors and they are expected to attend.

Thank you for your continued support. As the examination series draws closer, we will continue to offer extra support and tuition to ensure all children achieve their potential.

Yours faithfully,

Mr J Minshull
Assistant Principal