eSports Follow Up Letter

Two Sixth Form students using their Chromebooks in a classroom

Dear Parents/Carers

We wanted to extend our gratitude for the overwhelming interest in our recently announced Esports Club. It’s been fantastic to see so many students enthusiastic about participating in this.

As we continue to plan out the club schedule and activities, we want to ensure that all students are well-prepared for the upcoming sessions. To streamline the process and ensure smooth participation, we kindly ask that you assist your child in setting up an Epic Games account if they haven’t already done so. This account will be necessary for accessing both Rocket League and Fortnite, the current game offerings in our club.

Please ensure that your child knows the email address and password associated with their Epic Games account, as well as having access to the email account linked to it. This may be important for authentication purposes, such as receiving a two-factor authentication code.

We’re also excited to share that we’re actively working on expanding our game offerings to include titles like Valorant and Overwatch for the appropriate age groups. These additions will provide even more opportunities for students to explore different gaming genres and develop a diverse set of skills.

We will provide more details about the club schedule and any additional information soon. If you haven’t already, please express your child’s interest and read/agree to the contract by filling in the Google Forms.

Once again, thank you for your support and enthusiasm for the Esports Club. We’re looking forward to a fun and rewarding experience for all involved.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully

Ravina Sangha | Lead of Computing & Jamie Minshull |  Assistant Principal