Behaviour Expectations & Relocation of the Behaviour for Learning Room (The Lodge)

Dear Parents / Carers, 

At Strood Academy, we are focused on ensuring that all students have lessons that are free from disruption. We realise that creating a positive climate for learning is a responsibility shared by leaders, teachers, parents and pupils’. We have a consistent approach to managing disruptive students so that we as staff and you as parents can reinforce expectations successfully. It is imperative that all students have access to disruption free learning. Our behaviour protocols for managing behaviour are there for a very small minority of students who may cause disruption. We want to reiterate that the majority of our students do work extremely hard in lessons and want to be successful. 

In striving towards excellence, we will be making some changes to our behaviour protocols in term 6. Below is an outline of these changes that will begin on Monday 5th June, straight after the half term break:

  • The behaviour for learning room(BFL), will be renamed the “Lodge” and is relocating to the house at the bottom of the school drive. In any further communication with parents/carers it will be called the Lodge provision. Therefore any student that is placed in the Lodge as a sanction  to poor behaviour will attend this provision. If your child is issued with a Lodge sanction, they will attend from 8.15am to 4.00pm. 
  • If your child receives a Lodge sanction, they will not be permitted in the academy building, for the duration of their sanction. They will be met at the front gate at 8.15am and will be escorted to the Lodge.  
  • The Lodge provision will always be for a minimum duration of 1 day and other students will not be transferred in and out of this provision during the day. 
  • If a student fails their time in the lodge then they will be sanctioned with an off site provision at another school or a suspension(dependent on the behaviours displayed)  On their return they will be expected to complete a successful day in the Lodge before returning to mainstream lessons. 

Removal from lessons (students are placed in the internal engagement room).

As you are aware we have the three R approach to behaviour in lessons: Remind, Reinforce and Remove. Students are given the opportunity to correct their behaviours before they are removed from the lesson. To continue with consistency and to ensure that all students are receiving the same sanction for a removal, we will be making a few changes :

  • Students will complete a full day within the internal engagement room if they are removed from a lesson e.g if students are transferred to the internal engagement room Period 4, they remain until lunchtime the following day and receive a 1 hour detention on the day of the removal.
  • If they are removed period 2 they remain until breaktime the following day, completing a 1 hour detention on the day of the removal.
  • A period 5 removal will mean that students will remain in the internal engagement room until the end of that lesson and complete a full day, the next day, including a 1 hour detention at the end of the day.
  • The only exit times from this room are at break, lunch, the end of the school day and at 4:20pm.
  • If your son / daughter is removed from a lesson you will receive an automatic text message informing you of the removal and the detention that day.
  • If your child is removed from period 5, the detention will be the following day.
  • Following the removal, the class teacher will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the reason for the removal and work with you to discuss the removal. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind Regards,

Mr J Richardson