ADT Drop Down

Dear Parents/Carers

On the 28th March 2024, the Year 11 GCSE Fine Art and 3D Design students will be partaking in a ‘Drop Down Day’, this will involve students being off timetable for the day and located in the Art studios and Design Technology workshops for the day. 

This is a golden opportunity for our students to complete any outstanding work and to finalise the units of work before the exam period. Students will be sitting their 10 hour Fine Art exam over the 22nd and 23rd April and 3D Design students will be sitting their 10 hours over the 29th and 30th April, therefore students need to have a clear plan moving forward.

On the 28th March 2024, students must ensure they have a fully charged chromebook and have their portfolio(s) and any other Art or 3D work with them. Please see below as to the rooming and schedule for the day: 

  • Date: Thursday, March 28th 2024
  • Time: Periods 1-5 (Full school day apart from period 6)
  • Location: Rooms 143 , 144, and 225
  • Year Group: Year 11B Art, 11B 3D, 11C 3D

Drop-Down Schedule:

Students will need to go to the assigned rooms (143 – 11C 3D, 144 – 11B 3D and 225 – 11B Art) for the day. Period 6 will be as normal, students will return to their timetabled lessons.


  • Focused learning: Drop-down days allow for a dedicated focus on Art and 3D, enabling deeper exploration and project completion. 
  • Variety of disciplines: Students will be exposed to various art forms/and techniques within the designated rooms.
  • Enhanced creativity: This format fosters creative exploration and allows students to experiment with different approaches and create outcomes that are high-level.


  • Students are encouraged to plan appropriately for their project.
  • Specific materials needed for each project must be communicated to teachers in advance and will be provided by staff members.
  • Students must have a fully charger Chromebook (Students are welcome to bring their chargers in for the day)

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully 

The Art, Design and Technology Faculty