Year 7 & 8 Report Update

Strood Academy building

Dear Parents/Carers

Your MCAS account has been updated to reflect a new report for your child in light of some adaptations to our reporting process as a result of the feedback we have received from you. Clarification of the MYP grading process is provided below to help you best understand your child’s current progress.

The report includes the criteria grades for each subject, an Interim MYP Grade based upon your child’s in-class assessments throughout this module, a Target Grade for each subject and an Attitude to Learning (AtL) grade. 

MYP assessment

The IB MYP is assessed using a range of criteria (A, B, C & D) in each subject area, graded from 1-8 (8 being the highest awarded). These criteria grades are then used to determine a Final MYP Grade ranging from 1-7 (7 being the highest awarded). 

The Interim grade provided in this report demonstrates the grade your child is currently working at in this subject; you may notice that some of the criteria grades may be blank as assessments in these criteria have yet to take place or assessments have been missed as a result of student absence. As a result, the Interim Grade (which is based on an average of the 4 criteria scores) will be lower at this stage in the year than we anticipate in the Final Grade. However, the criteria grades which are provided indicate the grade awarded for the assessments completed so far (with grading awarded from 1-8).

Later in the academic year a report will be provided to you which states the Final MYP Grade for your child for this academic year.

Further information

For further information regarding our MYP programme, including criteria indicators and assessment, please visit our website here: 

If you have any queries regarding this report, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant college teams at:

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Mr C Pleasant | Vice Principal