NCFE Intervention

Dear Parents/Carers,

As I am sure you are aware, your child has been completing their NCFE Health and Fitness coursework in their lessons since the beginning of Year 11. This coursework is worth 60% of their overall grade. The coursework is made up of a range of different tasks that students have to complete.

Beginning next Wednesday on the 24th January 2024, the PE department will be running an additional PE intervention session from 2pm to 3pm in Room 132 every week. The intervention will be hosted by Mr Childs, Mr Reed and Ms Mason. This will provide students the time and support to ensure their coursework is to the highest standard.

Your child has been identified as someone who will benefit from this additional support in achieving their full potential. Therefore, attending this intervention session is highly recommended in order for them to achieve the grade they fully deserve and are capable of.

We appreciate your support with ensuring your child’s attends this intervention.

Yours faithfully,

Mr G Childs
Head of PE