Chromebook Expectations

Two students smiling at a Chromebook

Dear Parents/Carers,

As part of our continuing commitment to supporting students with technology you will be aware that we supply your child with a Chromebook. Due to staff shortages and increased pupil numbers we are currently using all of our loan devices, so when a Chromebook does receive accidental damage, we may not be able to provide a loan device. Please also note that examination years will be prioritised.

The Academy is working to purchase a number of extra devices to support loan devices for pupils, but this may take some time.

We have had a few requests for chargers. As stated in the LAT loan agreement, we are unable to replace chargers. If you need to purchase a charger, please use this link.

This is the cheapest, most effective charger. There are cheaper ones, but this one is the better choice in terms of performance and value.

There has been a large spike in damaged Chromebooks. We will be holding a number of assemblies to reiterate the importance of care, and to remind all children of the privilege of being loaned a Chromebook to support learning. It would be helpful if all pupils can purchase a case/sleeve to protect the Chromebooks. Example of a Chromebook case/sleeve. Please also remind pupils that this is an expensive item, it needs to be cared for. We have witnessed cases of pupils swinging Chromebooks, slamming Chromebooks on tables and using Chromebooks like an exercise book. Please reiterate the importance of caring for the Chromebooks.

We have seen some cases of intentional damage. If pupils are seen or we hear of intentional damage to the Chromebook, then the following sanctions will apply:

  • Up to 5 days in the lodge provision
  • Lose the privilege to take the Chromebook home
  • Have to sign in and sign out the Chromebook at college base

Please remember that the Chromebook is part of our uniform and equipment policy. It is expected that Chromebooks are used in every lesson. We are bringing in our new “Chromebook modes” in classrooms. Pupils will be expected to follow the following routines:

  1. Closed – screen down
  2. Type – screen open
  3. Touch – 180 degree fold
  4. Read – fold back

Strood Chromebook Modes

Chromebooks are also expected to be fully charged. If pupils do not have a fully charged Chromebook from M2, this will result in a 30 minute detention. If there are extenuating circumstances, please provide your child with a letter explaining why the Chromebook was unable to be charged. We will then support as an Academy to ensure your child is not disadvantaged. Chromebooks will not be allowed to be used during social time. At break time and lunch time, Chromebooks are only allowed in teacher led sessions, and must not be used outside or in the restaurant. Please find the link to the presentation to pupils here:

Chromebook Expectations

If your child is in Year 9, we will be recalling and redistributing new Chromebooks in February 2024. Further information will be provided, but please note that a new Chromebook will not be issued if the current Chromebook is not handed in with a working charger.

We will endeavour to improve our use of Chromebooks in the academy, and we understand that improvements need to be made.

Yours faithfully,

Mr J Minshull
Assistant Principal