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Course Duration
2 Years

Entry Criteria
Grade 5 in English (language or literature)

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Why study IBCP Social & Cultural Anthropology

What will I study during the course duration?

Students will understand the nine key concepts of Anthropology (belief and knowledge, culture, society, symbolism, materiality, change, identity, social relations and power) and apply these to understanding how communities live their lives.  

Students will in particular explore the importance of plastic surgery in Brazil, the lives of migrant workers on the USA/Mexico border and a community of gang members in Harlem, in New York.

Students will gain a critical understanding of theory and they will develop their academic reading skills.  Students will be able to reflect on social issues and understand how these impact how society operates.

How will I be assessed?

  • Two examinations – 2 hours
  • One Internal Assessment – practical field work, investigating a society/social issue of the student’s choice

Career opportunities and Future study

Students will be well prepared with the skills required to work within the following areas:

  • Social Work
  • Aid Work
  • Charity Work
  • Public Services
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Civil Service