Yr:7 MYP Art, Cultural Masks – Papier mache /paint. Term 3 2018

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Term 3 – Yr7 MYP (Middle Years Programme) – Cultural Masks

Year 7 are in the MYP (Middle year’s Programme) in ADT and have worked in terms 1 & 2 in Art & Design, researching & exploring Cultural Masks and the background of such, producing designs from their research, creating Masks using pre-cut card bases and adding card shapes to create their individual masks, each one was truly original, and additional things such as string added yet more detail, with a surface covering of paper mache and

Masks MYP Yr:7 2019

fine details in paint, these are really gorgeous and so incredibly varied, with each student clearly making their mask their own with unique and original patterns and surface detail, the exhibition has run for two terms and students were excited to take their work home.