Year 13 Mock Exams November 2023 letter

Two Sixth Form students writing in a classroom

Dear Parents/Carers

Year 13 Mock Exams November 2023

I am writing to inform you that your son/daughter will be sitting their mock exams starting Monday 20th November until Friday 24th November 2023. Mock exams provide the school with an accurate picture of where individual students are at in their journey towards achieving excellence. This year will be all the more important, as the mock exams will help us to know where gaps in knowledge and skills are and how we can best use the time between now and the summer of 2024 to close any gaps in their learning. 

Parental support

In order for Y13 pupils to be successful in their exams, we are requesting:

  • Pupils to revise and prepare for their upcoming exams. 
  • Pupils sleep at a reasonable hour. There is great scientific evidence to show the impact of sleep on well-being/ concentration and we want our pupils to be well-rested for their examinations. 
  • Pupils are to arrive at school by 8.30 am, as this will minimise any disruptions to their learning and also enable them to make sure all access arrangements are in place. 
  • To remind pupils that possession of a mobile phone, watches, smart watches or other unauthorised material is not allowed in the examination hall, even if they do not intend to use it. They should hand these items in prior to going into the examination hall. 
  • For further information and guidance on how you can support your child please see the link below: ‘The Parent Guide’ – this is a helpful website used by many of our parents.

Access Arrangements 

Some students are entitled to extra help during their examinations, known as exam access arrangements (EAAs). EAAs need to be evidenced and approved by the examination boards. Examination boards rarely approve arrangements which differ from the candidate’s normal way of working in the classroom. The school has been working to ensure all students who are entitled to support have access to it. If you feel that your child should have EAAs but has not yet been reviewed please do contact the SEND team as soon as possible ( 

Emergency EAAs can be applied for later in the year if there is a significant change in circumstances, such as injuries etc. Please do provide evidence, such as hospital notes if you feel that this is the case, as without evidence the application is likely to be unsuccessful. 

Lastly, Year 13 have been issued a digital copy of their November mock exam timetable today.  There are no year 13 mock exams scheduled for Friday afternoon, therefore, providing your child has completed their scheduled mocks, they can leave at 2:20pm.

We wish your child the very best of luck during their November mock exams. 

Yours faithfully

Ms V Hancock | Head of Sixth Form, Assistant Principal

To view the November Mock Examinations Schedule, please visit our dedicated Year 13 Support page

November Mocks Examination Schedule