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To support the smooth transition for the new Year 7 students our transition team meets with each primary school and discusses in detail each student coming to the academy. On the first day of term in September, only Year 7 students attend so they have the opportunity to get used to their form tutor and their new surroundings. This approach has helped the current Year 7 students tremendously in their transition to secondary school, and has alleviated many of their chief concerns such as the size of the building, getting lost around the building, and being late for lessons.

The structure of the day also benefits the Year 7 students as they all get to spend lunch together in the canteen and the outside area, with only the Year 8 and 9 students also on lunch at the same time. To further support the new students, lunch break is supervised by several senior leaders and the midday lunch supervisors to ensure students have familiar faces to go to if they have issues from day one.

Each year group at the academy has a dedicated Director of Progress and several Pastoral Managers who look after the day-to-day issues as well as the students’ academic progress. Students will all have a form tutor assigned to their form class and they are a further element of support for the students each day during form time. Additional to those layers of support are our Family Liaison Officer (Mrs Phillips) who works closely with the students and parents alongside the Year 7 pastoral team.

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