What do the MYP assessment criteria look like?

What do the MYP assessment criteria look like?


Subject Group Criterion  A Criterion  B Criterion  C Criterion  D
Language and Literature Analysing Organising Producing Text Using Language
Language Acquisition Communicating spoken and visual text Comprehending spoken and visual text Communication Using language in spoken and/or written form
Individuals and Societies Knowing and understanding Investigating Communicating Thinking critically
Arts Knowing and understanding Developing skills Thinking creatively Responding
Design Inquiring and analysing Developing ideas Creating the solution Evaluating
Mathematics Knowing and understanding Investigating patterns   Communicating Applying mathematics in real-life contexts
Sciences Knowing and understanding Inquiring and designing Processing and evaluating Reflecting on the impacts of science
Physical and Health Education Knowing and understanding Planning for performance Applying and performing Reflecting and improving performance
Interdisciplinary Disciplinary grounding Synthesising Communicating Reflecting


The MYP assessment process is a criterion-related model. The strengths of this model are:


  •   students know before even attempting the work what needs to be done to reach each level.
  •   It helps teachers to clarify and express their expectations about assignments in a way that students can understand.
  •   students are assessed for what they can do, rather than being ranked against each other.
  •   students receive feedback on their performance based on the criteria level descriptors.

As the table above shows, the MYP has a clear set of assessment criteria for each subject group. Having clear criteria is very helpful as students  will know what the learning expectations are for a particular level of achievement before attempting an assignment . As a result, your child will be able to monitor their own progress. The criteria also supports teachers to clarify expectations to students and can shape lessons.  Each criterion has eight achievement levels.  These are added together to give an achievement level out of a total of 32.