Course Duration
2 Years

Entry Criteria
GCSE Geography at Grade 5 or above.
GCSE English at Grade 5 or above.
GCSE Maths at Grade 4 or above.

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Why study IBCP Geography?

What will I study during the course duration?

We will study the following aspects:

  • Hydrology, river and flood management and transboundary pollution
  • Global climate change and its future impacts on people and planet
  • Coastal and ocean management including challenges of pollution, fisheries and conflicts in the Arctic and South China Sea
  • Population change and migration and global challenges of movement in 21st century
  • Urban geography and the growth of mega-cities 
  • International development, aid and trade and importance of information systems in a 21st century economy
  • Global resources. Future challenges of oil & gas, fossil fuels, mineral wealth and the rise of robotics the impacts on the economies of the future

How will I be assessed?

The course is broken down into four component parts:

  • Core Paper (Studies of Climate Change, Global Resources and Challenge and Population Change
  • Option Paper (Studies of Urban Landscapes and Improvement, Oceans and Ecosystem Management and Rivers and Pollution
  • Higher Level (Studies of Geopolitics and Global Networks and Flows)
  • Independent Assessment (Coursework) with Fieldtrip exposure

Career opportunities and Future study

As a degree subject, geography is highly respected by employers. Geography graduates have one of the highest rates of graduate employment, pursuing a wide range of career paths. It’s often said that there is no such thing as a geography job; rather there are multiple jobs that geographers do.

Careers include:

  • Policy Advisory 
  • Conservation
  • Political Researcher and Political Advocacy
  • Tourism and Business Management
  • Business Analyst and Trading
  • Education
  • Environmental Management
  • Town Planning and Regeneration 
  • Scientist and Pollution Monitoring
  • Oceanographer
  • Cartographer