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Course Duration
2 Years

Entry Criteria
GCSE Combined Science at Grade 66 or above.
GCSE Physics at Grade 6 or above.
GCSE Maths at Grade 6 or above.

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Students at Strood Academy follow the OCR Physics A course. This new A-level Physics A course was developed in consultation with teachers, employers and Higher Education to provide students with a qualification that is relevant to them and meets their needs. 

Physics aims to answer (or at the very least try to) the very big questions in life such as:

  • What will happen to the universe in the future?
  • Where did we come from?
  • What are we made of?
  • How and why things interact the way they do?

Why study a level PHYSICS?

What will I study during the course duration?

This course is split into six teaching modules over the two years (year 12 and 13). Modules 1 to 4 must be completed in year 12 to facilitate the AS level exam (optional).

Module 1 – Development of practical skills in physics

Practical skills assessed in a written examination
Practical skills assessed in the practical endorsement

Module 2 – Foundations of Physics

Physical quantities and units
Making measurements and analysing data
Nature of quantities

Module 3 – Forces and motion

Forces in action
Work, energy and power

Module 4 – Electrons, waves and photons

Charge and current
Energy, power and resistance
Electrical circuits
Quantum physics

Module 5 – Newtonian world and astrophysics

Thermal physics
Circular motion
Gravitational fields
Astrophysics and cosmology

Module 6 – Particles and medical physics

Electric fields
Nuclear and particle physics
Medical imaging 

How will I be assessed?

  • Exam paper 1 will assess content from modules 1, 2, 3, and 5
  • Exam paper 2 will assess content from modules 1, 2, 4 and 6
  • Exam paper 3 will assess content from all modules, 1 to 6

Both exams AS (year 12) and A2 (year 13) draw from modules 1 to 4. Successful completion of the AS Physics exams in year 12 will allow progression to the full A-level where the results from year 13 exam will supersede those from year 12.

Modelling Physics (01)

100 marks
2 hours 15 mins written exam
37% of Overall grade

Exploring Physics (02)

100 marks
2 hours 15 mins written exam
37% of Overall grade

 Unified Physics (03)

70 marks
1 hour 30 mins written exam
26% of Overall grade

 Practical Endorsement in Physics (04)

Continuous throughout course
External Reporting

NB: The AS Physics exams are optional

Career opportunities and Future study

Physics is one of the most highly regarded A-level by employers and universities and, as such the course supports students in a diverse range of destinations post sixth form.

At university level, Physics opens the door towards Science, Maths and Engineering courses, however physics is also desirable across the spectrum of university courses due to the high level of critical thinking it imparts.

Employers also recognise the importance of A-level Physics and actively seek to recruit students who have completed physics. This is due to the way that students are trained and encouraged to think in a logical manner.