Welcome Statement – ADT Blog

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Welcome to the new Blog for ADT (Art, Design and Technology) which includes Photography and 3D Design, where you can catch up on our events and special occasions, where we as a school can celebrate the work of our students and where you can see original and exciting events and workshops that our students are part of.

The blog will be updated regularly and any occasions or events which are new and we feel you should be able to share in will be posted here. Along with news of our students success stories, sometimes keeping up with news of those who have left and are working or studying in the big wide world. 

We will also record trips and visits related to our subjects and when our Artists, Designers and Photographers take part in any outside events or workshops we will want to share it with the rest of the school community.

Students are able to pass on news to be displayed and to have others share in their celebrations, this relates to events out of school as well as in school, please feel free to see Mrs Ross-Elmer to add exciting and creative posts to our ADT Blog.

We look forward to seeing the exciting and original work and participation in events so that we can all share our students successes.