UCA – Power Day – workshops with GCSE/ AS & A Level students in ADT – 16th May 2019

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16th May 2019 – UCA “Power Day” – Workshops

Our Gcse, AS & A Level students studying in ADT subjects were able to take part in workshops set up and presented by UCA (University for the Creative Arts), the theme for the workshops was “Power” 

Power of Technology

Experimental Photography

Drawing upon the artwork of Paolozzi, in this workshop, students will explore the power of technology. Students will be encouraged to explore the role of technology today and its historical advancements, as well considering who holds the power – technology or us?  Using experimental photography techniques, students will produce cyanotypes and photomontage/collage frames.#


Power of Creativity

Fine Art, Mixed Media

In this workshop students will explore and discover how we all have the power to create within us. Using visual and auditory stimulation such as landscapes, animals and music, students will react to their senses and use their inner creative to produce artwork. This workshop will use mixed media to create drawings and collages.


Power of Photography 

Digital Photography

Photography throughout time has been a powerful medium to capture iconic events and generate thought-provoking imagery to influence the views of others. In this workshop, students will explore a social, political or cultural topic of interest and create photographic artwork to explore this topic and promote a change or awareness of views for others. Students will use digital photography to create portraits, stills and collages.