Summer School

Thursday 25th July

The first Summer School session was an orienteering session where students were given a tour of the Academy and shown where the college bases, faculty areas and faculty bases were. In addition, they were told about the academy day, including breaks and lunch times. The session was followed by a Q & A session where students could raise any issues that they may have been worried about.

During the afternoon the students were treated to a trip to the Marlowe Theatre to see Madagascar. Everyone had a phenomenal time and agreed the show was brilliant.


Friday 26th July

The day started with a workshop delivered by Mr. Parkinson an author and talented musician who treated the students to a workshop on storytelling and instrument playing. Students were encouraged to use their imagination to make up stories as well as play a variety of interesting and unusual instruments. Students said the workshop was amazing.

During the afternoon, students visited the local cinema to see the latest showing of The Lion King, another brilliant afternoon!!

Monday 29th July

During the morning students were delighted by a visit from Astrodome. Everyone was treated to a wonderful view of the planets, stars, comets, satellites and shooting stars, all of these were shown inside a large dome together with a commentary about the wonderful sights. Students were also shown a video of the first moon landing as well as an incredible insight and history into the solar system.

During the afternoon students were treated to an amazing workshop hosted by Bubbly Maths. Students used balloons, peacock feathers and teamwork to help solve Mathematics problems, including working out the length, height and area of the main hall. The workshop drew to a close with 2 members of staff helping to put students inside their very own bubble – very exciting and challenging afternoon for all involved.


 Tuesday 30th July

Today’s sessions were hosted by Miss Brown from the DT department and Mrs De’ath from Student Support and Wellbeing. Mrs De’ath gave a brief talk, followed by a cake making and decorating demonstration. Students then gave in to their food technology talents by making some very tasty cupcakes and decorating them to look like creepy crawlies or bright smiling faces

Miss Brown from the Design and Technology department showed students how to use their creative talents to design jewellery. The students drew their designs on a special film, then coloured and cut the design out before handing it to Miss Brown who used a special heat tool to shrink and harden their design. The students then chose if they would like their design made into a key ring, bracelet or necklace.

Students were able to take their treasured items of jewellery home along with their tasty cupcake treats.


 Wednesday 31st July

Today’s session began with paired reading from the book ‘The boy at the Back of the Class’ (Winner of the Blue Peter Best Story Award 2019) by author Onjali Q Rauf. Students, then took turns to read to the group.

Students were then treated to a talk by Tyler Barry from Zoolab, Tyler brought along a variety of small animals to help show the students all about habitats, predators, prey and food chains. Tyler ran 2 sessions, the first on habitats, during this session the students were given the opportunity to handle a hissing cockroach, a large land snail, a blue tongued lizard and a beautiful corn snake. Students also had the opportunity to view a furry tarantula and a green pacman frog. The second session was all about the food chain, where Tyler also discussed the diets of all the animals that she had brought along.

After lunch, the students spent time writing a review on their cinema visit to the Lion King, this led to a discussion on whether the students preferred the original or the newer version.


Thursday 1st August

Well everyone arrived for their last day of Summer School and started the first session with a review about The Boy at the Back of the Class, followed by a paired reading session before a discussion on the Madagascar trip to the Marlowe Theatre Canterbury.

Students worked in pairs to discuss the theatre trip, including their favourite animal as well as what they each thought was the best part of the show. Students then had to use persuasive techniques to see if they could change their partners favourite part of the show to match their own opinion. During this session, students also worked on completing a review on the show.

After lunch the students were treated to a showing of the Lion King with treats and snacks. After the film students were able to build on Wednesday’s discussion on whether they preferred the newer or original version of the film together with the reasons why.

The afternoon drew to a close, with students thanking staff for a great time and saying they were looking forward to starting the Academy in September.