My Week of Work 2020 – Event

What is the programme about?

Work experience this year, has not been possible and so here is a programme of activities  which link to the workplace to help you to still gain some of the key employability skills  and knowledge you have missed out on.

This week we would like you to take part in a world of work insight week to begin to get  you thinking about your future aspirations and post 16 choices. Every day you may take  part in the range of 20 lessons available to you all week via Oak National Academy.

The lessons will support you to gain insight into the world of work through employer  videos and resources. There will also be tasks set for you to complete each day to  develop and showcase employability skills.

Each session is a PowerPoint that you access. It has information, videos and task and is  narrated all the way through. There is a virtual mentor who will pop up at various points to  keep checking with you. There are mini tasks where you will be asked to pause the session  to check your understanding and complete something exciting and there are key tasks for  you to complete each day.

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