Welcome to the Medway Youth Council (MYC) section of the website.  Strood Academy currently has 4 members of the MYC actively representing the views of Strood Academy and ensuring their voice is heard within the youth organisation that works in partnership with Medway Council.

What we do

Every month all Strood Academy members of the MYC attend the full council meeting where new projects and issues are discussed.  We also work closely with the Academy Council to get data on what young people within Strood Academy think of the issues that we bring up, e.g. bullying or mental health issues.


  1. Craig Liddell (Year 12) – Leader of Strood Academy representatives within the MYC
  2. Florence Thompson (Year 12) – Deputy Leader of Strood Academy representatives within MYC
  3. Shannon Shirley-Smith (Year 12)
  4. Breeze Murphy (Year 12)

We are actively recruiting more people from Strood Academy to join us!!

We are looking for motivated students from Strood Academy to join us in the MYC to make a difference within Medway and to promote serious issues that affect lots of people today!

If you would like to join, please contact one of the above students.