Strood Academy Staff

Photo message from Strood Academy staff

Some of the staff here at Strood Academy wanted to share a message with students whilst working from home. Take a look! We hope you all have a wonderful half term.

Dear Strood Academy students, we have been so proud of the way that you have worked during this lockdown, we can’t wait to see you all back at school soon, stay safe!

Mrs N Anwar


Mr Lee Cogger

Faculty Leader PEPA

Miss S Ryder

Director of Learning for Science

Mr T Osbourne

Humanities Teacher

Mrs L Ferrara

Year 9 Pastoral Manager

Miss D Cooper

Subject Leader Character Development

Miss S Kimpton

Second in Charge of Science

Miss D Costen

Humanities Teacher

Mr T Knight

Vice Principal

Miss S Kimpton

Second in Charge of Science

Mrs R Soules

ADT/Science teacher

Miss Hayley Freeman

PE Teacher

Miss L Philippou

Head of Performing Arts

Mrs A Rogala

Humanities Teacher

Mr F Reed

PE Teacher

Mrs N Collison

Assistant Principal

Mrs Ruth Croft

ADT and Hospitality & Catering AST Teacher

Mrs K Chidlow

English Teacher

Mr S Palmer

English Teacher/Politics Teacher

Ms T Pringle

Maths Teacher

Mrs G Ahern

Languages Subject Leader

Someone holding the word 'wait'

Miss D Greensmith

Behaviour Team

Miss A Miller

Spanish Teacher

Miss C Dillon

Music Teacher

Mrs S Ward

Vice Principal

Mrs J Pearce

SpLD Specialist Assessor

Miss L McDonell

Director of Learning Mathematics

Mrs G Cox

SENCo and Mathematics Teacher

Mrs Nadège Johal

Lead Practitioner – MFL

Ms A Perrior

Head of Year 9/DOS Trafalgar
Subject Leader Media Studies

Miss M Bartlett

Pastoral Manager Post-16

Miss L Dunlop

Psychology Teacher