Reporting Progress

Reporting Progress

Parents/carers  will receive a report that shows their child’s progress for each subject group at published times during the course of the academic year.  For each subject group there will be an achievement level breakdown (1-8) for each of the 4 criteria (A B C D) for that subject.


The example below shows the student has an achievement level of a 5  for Criterion A , level 4 for Criterion B and a level 5 for Criterion C and  D for Language and Literature. This gives a total of 19/32, which can be converted to an MYP Grade 5 using the table above.  Grade 5 is out of a possible 23/32, so this highlights that there are aspects of the student’s work that could be improved.


Teachers and students will be expected to review and reflect on this and take action to improve.


MYP Subject


Target Criterion A Criterion B Criterion C Criterion D MYP interim grade
Language and literature   English 5 5 4 5 5 5

During the course of the academic year students will be awarded an MYP Interim Grade and at the end of the year a MYP Final Grade will be awarded based on the summative assessments that have taken place during the course of the year.