Principal Designate’s introduction to Year 6 Parents letter

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Dear Parents/Carers, 

Following Mr Beamish’s letter dated 20th February, I write to introduce myself as Principal of Strood Academy from Monday 17th April. 

It is with great delight that I welcome you to Strood Academy from September 2023. In fact your journey has now begun, we will soon be sharing with you a calendar of events and activities to ensure your child has a smooth and seamless transition to the Academy. This will range from visits to your child’s primary school, transition days, evening activities including a summer school. There will also be bespoke and differentiated activities for pupils who may require slightly more support at this time. 

You have made an excellent choice for your child’s step into secondary education and we are confident that we will be working closely with every family to answer any questions and provide the support required in preparation for September. 

As you’re aware, transitioning to secondary school can be worrying for many pupils and parents, but with the strength and identity of our small school model through our college system I’m confident that all pupils will feel part of family life within the Academy. 

To keep you all updated, during this module I have had the opportunity to work closely with Mrs Anwar and the leadership team to ensure a smooth transition at such a crucial time within the academic year. I have also met with the staff within the Academy and it’s apparent that we have an extremely talented and committed team to drive the next phase of this journey together. 

It is evident that the Academy will place your child’s academic success at its heart. To lead the excellent work of Strood staff, who provide your child with encouragement and opportunities every day, fills me with great excitement and is a huge honour. My vision of an exceptional school is achieved by high expectations and aspirations for all, excellent teaching and exemplary engagement in learning.

I look forward to working with you as we step into the next stage of this journey together. Yours faithfully 

Mr Jon Richardson | Principal Designate