Parent Survey – Module 6, 2023/24

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Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to you to seek your valuable feedback through the latest parent/carer survey, aimed at gathering insights to further enhance our educational provision at Strood Academy. Your input is crucial in shaping our strategies and making continuous improvements to benefit our students.

Please find the link to our parent survey below:

Click here to complete the Parent Survey

The survey will open for 1 week from Friday 14th June and close at 5pm on Friday 21st June.

Since our last survey, we have diligently worked on several key areas based on the insightful feedback we received. One significant aspect that we have focused on is improving communications. As part of our enhanced communications strategy, we have revamped our telephone systems to offer increased dial options, ensuring that you can easily reach the appropriate team when needed. Additionally, we have reorganised our voicemail systems to enable you to leave messages outside of academy hours. A new internal tracking system has been implemented to monitor and promptly address all incoming calls, enhancing our responsiveness to your queries. We encourage you to visit our website’s ‘Contact Us’ page for further assistance.

In line with our commitment to transparent communication, we continue to provide you with weekly updates through our Friday bulletins. Moreover, we are pleased to announce the launch of our end-of-module newsletter, with the first edition published at the conclusion of Module 5. We trust that these resources have been informative and valuable to you.

Addressing another significant area highlighted in the previous survey, our ongoing phased refurbishment of the academy’s toilets remains a priority. With meticulous plans for further improvements over the summer holidays and the upcoming academic year, we are dedicated to enhancing this essential aspect of our facilities, with an estimated investment of £150,000 for a full refurbishment project to be completed.

I am delighted to share that we have made commendable progress this academic year, with attendance rates surpassing national and Medway averages, a notable decrease in suspension rates, and improved academic attainment across all year groups. This success is a testament to the concerted efforts of our dedicated staff and the collaborative ethos between the academy and our parents.

Your partnership with us is invaluable, and we take pride in the positive strides we have taken in strengthening the bond between home and the academy, alongside our local community.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in our survey. Your feedback is instrumental in our journey towards sustained excellence, and we are committed to reviewing and implementing your suggestions for further advancement.

Warm Regards,

Jon Richardson