The PE & Performing Arts Faculty (PEPA) offer a wide range of both practical and theory based subjects through Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5.  The PEPA Faculty consists of the following subject areas:

  • Dance
  • Physical Education & Sport
  • Drama
  • Performing Arts
  • Music

Each department offers the students a wide range of activities within the Middle Years Programme at Key Stage 3, the National Curriculum at Key Stage 4 and as part of an extensive Extra-Curricular Programme. All students during Key Stage 3 will study the following subjects:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Physical Education

As students move into Key Stage 4 students will continue to participate in Physical Education as part of their timetable, and will also have the opportunity to choose to study a range of GCSEs and BTEC courses which the PEPA Faculty offer.  Key Stage 4 options include:

  • GCSE Dance
  • GCSE Drama
  • GCSE Music
  • GCSE Physical Education

If students wish to continue their studies into Key Stage 5 there are a range of courses offered:

  • A-Level Dance
  • A-Level Music
  • A-Level Drama
  • BTEC Sport & Performing Arts

For all subjects offered within the PEPA Faculty (Key Stage 3-5), departments organise trips, such as England football, theatre trips and National League basketball.  Departments also arrange visits from outside speakers to enable students to consolidate and apply their learning.

The PEPA Extra-Curricular Programme includes: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Choir, Cricket, Dance Academy, Drama Club, Fitness, Football, Handball, Netball, Rounders, Table tennis,Tennis, Trampolining.

Students choosing to study subjects and/or attend clubs offered within the PEPA Faculty will also have the opportunity to represent the Academy throughout the Academic Year in one of the following:

-Physical Education: Medway Secondary School Games and County competitions in a number of sports, league fixtures in basketball, netball and football, Leigh Academies Trust competitions, boys and girls Kent and National Cup football, boys and girls Kent Cup Futsal, handball.
-Performing Arts: Concerts, shows, assembly performances, dance competitions and Monologue Slams.