The faculty aims to provide a wide ranging and balanced learning experience focused on the attainment strands of the National Curriculum. This entitlement supports the pupils in gaining the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding required for examination success and life after school.


Key Stage 3

In Year 7, 8 and 9 students are taught in three college groups and are taught in their form groups.

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 follow the MYP (Middle Years Programme) learning skills through a Mathematics Mastery approach.  The department is proud to work with the organisation ‘Mathematics Mastery’ to encourage students to challenge themselves to deepen their understanding of a content area instead of being accelerated onto ‘higher’ content.  The Scheme of Work follows the framework specifications closely although we make every effort to connect classroom practice with the real world.

What is Mathematics Mastery?

  • Understanding concepts in depth
  • Cumulative learning
  • Challenge through depth, not acceleration
  • Number sense and place value come first

It is not:

  • Learning ‘rules’ or ‘tricks’
  • Practising 50 times

More information can be found by clicking here

Key Stage 4

The linear Mathematics specification is taught in Year 10 and 11 using the exam board Edexcel. This is done to equip students with the skills necessary to succeed not only as Maths students but in adult life. Mathematics is seen as a vital building block giving students the thinking skills and access to logical processes they need to succeed no matter what their chosen profession.

There is no coursework in the current mathematics specification. External assessment comprises of three exam papers (2 calculator and 1 non-calculator) taken at the end of Year 11.

In addition, the most able students are invited to take the AQA L2 Certificate in Further Mathematics, which is an excellent preparation for moving on to take Maths in KS5.

Key Stage 5

In Year 12 and 13 we offer A Level Mathematics and IB Mathematics.

A-Level is a more traditional approach to Mathematics and prepares students for higher level mathematics at University and is still a requirement for many University courses. We follow the OCR-A syllabus and use the Integral website to encourage students to be independent learners.

IB Mathematics is part of the IB curriculum and is more project focussed than A-Level.