Listen. Think. Learn.

Human Studies is vital if you are to understand the world around you and why it is like it is. We aim to equip students with the critical skills to question what they see, form their own views, and to be able to explain them to others. The study of these subjects empowers you to change the world around you.

As a faculty we believe everyone has a valuable and unique contribution to make and to help achieve this we expect pupils to

  • Come prepared to learn and participate
  • Respect others
  • Try their best and ask for help if needed
  • Learn from one another and from their teacher
  • Behave sensibly in lessons so that there is an atmosphere which helps learning

At Key Stage 3 students in year 7 follow an Integrated Humanities course which uses a variety of projects to deliver the national curriculum subjects of history, geography, religious studies and citizenship. In year 8 students follow each of these subjects individually.

At KS4 and KS5 pupils can continue their studies in these areas as well as take the opportunity to start new subjects. At GCSE courses include history, geography, religious studies and citizenship. At Advanced level we offer history, psychology, sociology, government and politics as well as law. We also offer a level 3 vocational course entitled Uniformed Public Services.

Photo of the concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland.
The gates to Auschwitz

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