November 7th 2019 – 6th Form Open Evening.


A celebration of the work of our current year 12 & 13 students work from the ADT Department was on 

display with subjects being presented to visiting parents and prospective students, we in the ADT Department

Had students working on their personal projects as the evening progressed, enabling prospective students and

their parents and carers to attend and see the work first hand.

We exhibited work from all our subject areas as follows, Art and Design, Photography & 3d Design, displaying 

their projects and showing their sketchbooks, outcomes and progression through their individual and specific 

projects for their A level courses.

The evening was a combination of exhibited work form our visual arts and of tutors presenting their specialist 

subjects to the prospective students for September 2020, with the evening allowing for questions to be asked 

relating to courses and content and to planning a 6th form grouping of subjects. 

Presenting subject specific exam content and course content being displayed and discussed, to ensure 

understanding of what is on offer at 6th Form at Strood Academy, to our local students, enabling their personal 

progression in their choices for the future, whether it be university, apprenticeships or the world of work.

6th form open eve