Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents / Carers

As we move into the Easter break  I wanted to write to thank you for your positivity and support over the last two terms.

This term has been a huge effort by all involved with the school, firstly to administer over a thousand tests prior to students returning, then to provide another three thousand tests in the first weeks after return followed by supporting the provision of home testing, not to mention putting in place measures to support students physically returning to school. 

I am hugely indebted to the dedicated and committed staff at our academy who have enabled this to happen, in particular the testing team who balanced testing with their normal work (which did not go away) in order to ensure a swift and full return to school. It is also important to acknowledge the support we have had from parents and the students themselves who have been superb. The students have taken a fantastic no-nonsense approach to testing and the return to school in general has been very positive. It is vital that students continue to focus on positive behaviours, particularly in the older years who will undertake crucial assessments that will be supporting the grading process whilst other years have some catch up work to do.

I wrote to you previously outlining the expectations on school uniform but as a polite reminder please can parents and carers ensure the correct uniform and PE kit is available for students on their return after Easter. As the weather is warming up students may choose to wear black ankle socks instead of tights which is perfectly acceptable. 

I also want to reiterate the importance of punctuality and that students should be onsite ready to learn in class for 8.45am. 

In terms of home testing, the guidance is that students should continue to home test through the Easter holidays. However, what it emphasises extremely strongly is that all students should test at home on Sunday (18th April) prior to their return to school, in order for us to have a safe and positive return after the Easter break. 

Students should:

Finally, I would like to praise students for the sensible approach they have taken to the wearing of face coverings in classrooms and whilst moving around the school. This measure, recommended by the government on 8th March, was designed to be a short term step, in place until Easter and kept under review. We await to see the outcome of any review and will update all parents accordingly. 

Thank you once again for your support this term and I wish all our families a positive and safe Easter break. 

I have attached a link to our most current newsletter which I hope you enjoy reading.


Yours sincerely

Mrs Anwar