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English and Communications

English and Communications

One of the Academy’s key faculties.
Stimulating, challenging and vibrant!


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This faculty comprises of several subjects: English, Modern Foreign Languages and Media being the principle ones. In addition, Functional Skills (English) and Learning to Learn (a key stage 3 study skills course) shelter under our literacy-focussed umbrella.

All students study English at Key Stage 3 and one GCSE (GCSE English) which is a combination of English Lang and Eng Lit, and this is then extended to A Level Eng Lit at 6th form.

In addition, students can choose to study GCSE and A’ Level Media, both of which are hugely popular and successful courses.

Within Modern Foreign Languages we currently offer French, German and Spanish. Students study at least two languages in Key Stage 3, having the opportunity then to continue should they wish with either, or both, to GCSE and A’ Level.

In our faculty, we feel it is vital to encourage students to take learning out of the classroom and to find the “fun factor” to aid achievement. Therefore, we do not confine our learning to lesson times. We offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and clubs which allow students to seek extra support should they need it, or to extend their knowledge and even take an extra GCSE, for example in an additional language, if they desire.

We believe that experience is one of the greatest teachers there is and therefore aim to get students out into the real world, seeing things for themselves. English and Media students go out and visit theatres and experience drama and musicals in the way they should be experienced – live, and not on a television. Language students get the chance to travel abroad, either on a day trip or on residential visits, and try out their linguistic skills in real life situations. Some trips we organise will provide your son or daughter with cross-curricular learning opportunities. For example, we will run joint trips between MFL and PE to a ski resort or with History to the WWI trenches in Belgium. Similarly, we will organise shared trips between Media and Performing Arts to see how a television studio operates or to meet people involved in the industry.

Ever mindful of our vocational duty towards your son or daughter, we also regularly endeavour to get professionals into school to meet students, to run workshops and to give advice to students wishing to pursue careers related to our faculty’s subjects.

The subjects your son or daughter will study in our faculty will equip them to be an articulate, literate and analytical student. They will acquire knowledge and learn skills which will make them desirable to employers and give them invaluable experiences and life skills should they wish to travel further afield!