KS4/5 GCSE /AS & A Level Exhibition – A celebration of the work created by our ADT students, Coursework and Exam work- 20th June 2019

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20th June 2019 – Yr:11:GCSE / Yr:13: A Level – Art, 3d Design & Photography Exhibition

This exhibition was an exciting end to the course and celebration of the work of our final yr:11 and yr:13 students in their option areas, we were able to view the work in Art, Photography & 3d Design.

The work was a range of 2d and 3d work and was exciting and original, we saw creatures made from screws, nuts and bolts, with amazing textures and yet more natural forms re-created in wood and constructed to form the shape of insects and creepy crawlies.

In Art & Photography the work was of a wide variety, with some students dealing with world wide issues creating strong messages and with some really strong portraits, other work showed various 2d and 3d outcomes, lots of the work was a celebration of what our students have produced in their externally set exams, in all our subject areas and so we had some incredibly stunning and thought provoking outcomes, of highly original forms.

Art and Photography at GCSE celebrates the originality of our students in final outcomes which were well thought out and the outcomes were a range of exciting creative pieces.